Go here to download all you need to play NetPanzer:

Find the latest stable release of NetPanzer: (Windows + Linux).
You'll probably find the package for Linux in your distro repository - if not, you can always compile from source. For a full list of releases and more OSs and info check the link above.

Also available are some binaries from the development branch. While they are more recent and often contain bug fixes and new features, they might also have new undocumented problems. You're always encouraged to test last binary and report bugs and crashes in our forum.

Here are two precious tools created and mantained by user "Wile64":

  • Netpanzer Map Editor - a software available for Windows and Linux which gives you the chance to draw your own maps for NetPanzer.
  • NetPanzer Server Editor - a tool which helps you when configuring your own dedicated netpanzer server.

netPanzer 0.8.4 comes with all existing maps so you don't need download any map package by now !

Pfls = Tanks Profiles
Generally these profiles (contained in units/profiles) are decided by gameserver admins - no need to modify those in your client. Though sometimes - expecially when speed settings have been changed - it's adviced that you install them in your client too to have a better game experience. That is you should install (overwrite) your local profiles folder with the same version (p01, p02 etc) running on the server you want to connect. We then recommend gameserver admins to advertise that in server names if using a not-standard version - e.g E.U.R.O.P.A (np1). I remind you that, since netpanze 0.8.4 does not install in your system but it's just a folder, you can have multiple different "netpanzer" folders each with a different units/profiles settings - ready and tuned for a given gameserver !
Download tanks profiles there.

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